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the outtakes video is wonderful in its own special way:-)

Colleen, this is such a great idea. And what is neat is that it is portable! But be careful with the knife!!

Sue C.

I looked again and was laughing so hard on the out takes. Jheri would just use that one, but I sit in trees too;). You need some others so people see many, but don't use a knife if you show people how to measure. Maybe you can get Steve to video his because he is just slightly tall and people his size can see how well his works too.

This idea is so simple and just what I need too! Maybe I will learn to cook safe food if I practice,

I am going to show people your link because they can use this.

Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing on The Tall Street Journal Jheri. I love good idea stuff like this.

At 6'11, washing dishes by hand is always thing that kills my back. I'm sure someone out there can think of some kind of invention with the sprayer hose and some other stuff that would solve that problem. Also, one thing my grandfather always does in homes now is to install the dishwasher much higher up off the ground. Its awesome for everyone really, not having to load and unload pots and pans just a few inches off of the ground.

Looking forward to more colleenification tips.

I really enjoyed your official promo and the outtakes. The last house we lived in had all the kitchen counters set lower than normal (for a very short prior owner) and the ceiling fan/light hung down to about nose level. I'm only 6'3", but combine that with left-handedness -- the righty-skewed appliances and wee folks kitchen will eventually kill me.

LOL, love the outtakes too! Loved the caressing of the chopping block!!!

Excellent stuff, Colleen. You made me smile. :-) Good luck with the project(s).

Love how your sense of humor comes through in the outtakes. I would do a dj scratch mix of those into the full one for funny AND informative. :) It is SO incredibly awesome that you did something about it (while so many of us just suffer from a world made for someone else). Can't wait to see what other Colleen-ification you have up those long sleeves...

Lol you rock! I liked the high five video too. Just promise not to tell my wife about the Colleen-i-fyer. She takes pity on my back and does all the counter work! (But to be fair I do all the laundry 'cause she has a hard time folding my pants).

Well done!

-Jay (6'8")

I'm a chiropractor/volleyball player and saw great value and humor in this product and your presentation. I will be sure to forward this to my other tall friends.

I've been using one of these for more than a month and it has made a big difference in our kitchen. It has made foot preparation comfortable and I'm cooking more than I have been. I'm finding it stays in one place because it is getting so much use. My wife Sukie is using a different part of our counter. Mine isn't as tall as Colleen's, but there is still decent storage under it so there really isn't any wasted space in the kitchen.

These are very solidly built. They are heavy enough that they stay in place nicely and are square enough that there is no wobbling when you apply pressure. They are also beautiful, but I have a fondness for the look and feel of hardwood.

One big point I want to make is these are custom made to your height needs. Watching Colleen's videos or looking at the photos, it is clear why she needs one. I'm 6'1 and that happens to be enough over the 5'5 height that regular kitchen counters are designed for that it makes a big difference for me too. So even if you aren't "really" tall, you may need something like this.

I'm 7'4" and am going to order one with my Martha Stewart Show coupon but my solution to date has been to use an adjustable office chair on wheels without arms. Makes getting into those low shelves including the oven and fridge handy as well as when I had a broken foot and didn't want to stand in the kitchen.

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