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January 29, 2010


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you should try and make your way down to us here on the gulf coast of florida,pensacola has plenty of fresh sea food, white sand beaches,CLEAN AIR, well...cleanish, during the summer the beaches crowed with collage kids and locals, some who play beach volley ball, most just lay out and catch rays.

if you come down during the summer, expect thunder and lightning storms, they are amazing to watch, oh and the OCCASIONAL hurricane, don't be scared by what you see on tv, SOME times they make it look worse than it is.

my best wishes to you




I love bikes too and don't have a car.  Fortunately Denmark believes in bikes and walking.  In København more than half of all trips are done on bike or foot.  There are places to park your bike and it is quite safe on the streets.   Today it is -7 and snowing but the streets have many cyclists.  The bike paths receive the highest priority for cleaning.

Mostly I have a man's  style Batavus as my legs are too long for the women's models. These are Dutch bikes that are made for errands and commuting.  It is great in the rain and snow and requires very little maintenance.  Most bikes here are like that.  It has fenders, a generator for the lights in its hub and seven speeds.  The brakes and gears are internal which is necessary.  I ride at least an hour a day just getting around and usually more.  

When you need to carry a lot of things you can rent bigger bikes or cargo tricycles like a Christiania. Many families own such monsters. They are the Danish SUV, hee hee.

For fun I had a custom bike made to fit my body.  In the US she would be called a "fixie" there is only one gear and there is no coasting. You can pedal backwards and go backwards too.  When you are stopped your foot does not have to go on the ground because you balance and pedal slightly backwards and forwards.  She is bright cherry red so I call her Kirsebær.    She is handmade and soooo beautiful.  We ride together and chase colors around the city.  We go so fast and my hair tries to catch up with us.

One of the bicycle groups here made this movie on biking in the snow and had it on Copenhagenize. 
You can ride in any weather!

For the question on the last time I rode a bike over two hours. That would be one week ago today when I rode about two hours at dawn in a light snowstorm. Jheri injured herself on a treadmill and can't ride for a few weeks. I am very frustrated as are both of my bikes.

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    you can save some gas by being very gentle on the brake and accelerator. drive like there is a glass of water on the dashboard. you'll also save wear and tear on your brakes. and if you have an iphone, there's an app for that.


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