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January 03, 2010


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Sharon Holderman

Okay we were dying laughing at the outtakes. so cute you put them on there. Loved the flicking the food and the cutting yourself - oops!


I'm 21 years old and 6'7". I hit 6ft at 11 years old and it's been uphill (literally) since then. I had a great laugh watching your video and I'll be tuning into your blog more often just to feel like I finally can relate to somebody.
Happy New Year!!

Claire Nicholas

"I was 5"4 once, when I was 8"Hahahahahaha Classic ! I love it :)

susan warder

Colleen, you are fabulous! How joyful, positive and uplifting this blog and your project are. You are just TOO darling.
I remember when you were 5'4" - pretty darn cute then too.

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