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January 09, 2010


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This is wonderful - I love it!

I'm convinced we have it within us to do away with war, but are in need of a rich web of positive connections so we can stop the spread of misunderstandings. Spreading little bits of random joy like you are doing is a great way to light someone's day. And I imagine your day is much happier and more energized too.

Do you say something first like "you look like you need a high five" or just "high five"? Do people say interesting things?

thank you Colleen! This has made my day and I'm going to try to get up my courage and try it.

oh -I'm emailing Jheri to spread it to another continent


You have filled Jheri with happiness! I just love how playful and happy this is and I will try it myself soon.

I like the camerawork when the other people are followed afterwards. The only problem is the video person is too tall;)

Linda in NYC

Thanks so much, Colleeen.

I lovelovelove this. Reminds me of ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) out of Northern Ireland. Check out the "Hugs for the Homeless" video: http://www.arkhq.com/ext/ninjaduck?articleid=44

Belinda Nnoka

Hey Colleen! This is pretty cool! I love it! It put a smile on my face!


I usually approached people by saying something like "How you guys doing?" or "Can I give you a high five?" It was more effective than just putting my hand up. It is amazing how much joy can be derived by a simple act of peace. I encourage everyone to give it a try. Today is the day after and I still feel elated from the experience. Also, check out the video Linda in NYC sent me. It has the same idea and is very moving: http://www.arkhq.com/ext/ninjaduck?articleid=44 Thank you for all of your comments :)


fabulous, colleen. you have great personal presence and are generous to share it in this way. high five back 'atcha.


A very positive and well-written entry, Colleen. Thank you for letting me be part of your happiness experiment.

Vincent Paterno

Wonderful idea, Colleen. Just don't high-five too high, or else you'll force this 5'7" guy to have to jump. :)

Sharon Holderman

I couldn't stop smiling watching this video. You're amazing!

Josephine Anderson

High Five is afterall quite American, don't know how it would work out in Brussels, but people who stare at me I use to give them a big smile back.

Unfortunately many of them then look away - embarassed - maybe I should
try to approach them instead and try it out this way?

Great Video!



This gives me a big smile and makes me itch to do it. I will take my daughter for a walk and show her how to to this. My sister Jheri will do it for sure.


Joesph, I too like to have highfive with you,i will like to be that little boy who jumped very hard to have that with you,
Well i am from india. If you want to have look at different culture, then this the place. it is land of varied culture.
Joesph,i will personally like you to invite you to india.There are so many fantastic places here for you to see.

By the way, u have any other indian friends.


Here is a status report on my experiments in tropical NJ. I took a long walk through the neighborhood, but very few people were out in the sub freezing cold and most of them looked like the Michelin Man. When I managed to get eye contact (this is where people like Colleen will do *much* better than me) I said "you look like you could use a high five' and started to raise my arm. Two out of three times they did the same and one time brought a huge smile to both of us.

I'm looking forward to warming weather and have sent the link to people in warmer places.

This is such a fantastic idea -- pass it on and share the stories!

Here is a question that might make a good blog post Colleen. What are the different ways of doing a high five in different countries? I asked two Danes and they were not aware of anything other than using the English words.

Melanie West

Thank you, Steve Crandall for pointing me to this wonderful inspiration. Thank you, Colleen for creating it. In my mind the human race has evolved beyond the need of war. High FIVE on your approach. I'm going to try it. Much love and success to you!


Heidi Swift - Grit and Glimmer

Hi Colleen,
Your friend Jheri sent me the link to this page. I love it!! I love it I love it I love it.
I also loved the post about working with Trek on a bike that will fit you.
I am having discussions right now about how bike shops can better serve women, which is how Jheri connected to my site and ended up leaving me a message.
I'm going to try the High Five experiment, though it will likely mortify my somewhat shy boyfriend. Nothing new there. :)
Best to you and happy to have found your blog!


Nice positive energy -- this made me smile.


This reminds me of the Robin Williams movie patch adams who tried to assess/alter people's programed response lol. Way to go.

John Horgan

Colleen, I'm John Horgan, who asked people on NPR if they they thought war would ever end. Yours is the coolest reaction that anyone has had to my work. I got a big grin on my face after seeing your video this morning, and every time I think of it I grin again. Keep making people happy, it's a gift, John Horgan

John Schwartz

Colleen, Jheri suggested that I check out your page and video. As I watched, I caught myself smiling like a loon -- you have made my day!


can you not do a longer version of this? you are so pretty and such an obvious presence. you make a difference in peoples' lives

Dennis Marshall

Love it...what song is this?

Quotes About Happiness

Very cute.

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