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January 05, 2010


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Wonderful website! Thank you for your crusade so to speak. I have been trying to fit into a small world for years - I'm 6'2" - it's ridiculous! I have a friend who furnishes in antiques when people were mostly 5' tall - I tease her about making me sit on doll furniture. I have to stoop to hold on when running on a treadmill. We could name a thousand things that make life harder for us. The cutting boards (why didn't I think of that!) are such a simple and wonderful solution! We need ideas that don't cost a fortune to make life more comfortable for us.

Greg Wilson

I think you are onto something here. I am pushing 6'5 and a powerlifter so I am tall and broad in the shoulders and so clothes which fit my upper body are like flapping sails at the waist, it's ridiculous.
Don't even mention airplanes since they are obviously designed for average-size six year olds.
Furniture, toilets, sink pedestals, tables, countertops, refrigerators, washers, dryers, desks, the list is exhaustive.

I think you are really onto something, and while I like the colleenifying concept, it could be a bit long for marketing purposes. I have a ton of ideas. I'll post later.

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