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February 12, 2010


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How completely awesome! I can't wait to see the bike, so take lots of photos.

Jheri gave a lot of wonderful feeling high fives on Friday.


well it depends on what your surroundings are, if you have access to the top level of that parking garage, you just might be able to grow record breaking pumpkins, can you say world record, but seriously, check with te attendant, see if you can set up a little portable green house there, you can grow almost any thing in a pot, pot, a container that holds dirt, and plants, not the other kind, get your minds out of the gutter, but with just a little plastic sheeting and some tent poles you should be able to make a green house.

or see if you can get access to your roof, there might just be enough room up there to do that too, and tomatoes grow fine in pots.

or ask the company that owns the land about a comunity garden, they might just let you set one up for the rest of the tennants, you might be able to tell them that they can get carbon off set credits for it, and it would let them look like they are caring for the enviroment, and there many other things you can do.

like i said, it depends on your surroundings.

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    you can save some gas by being very gentle on the brake and accelerator. drive like there is a glass of water on the dashboard. you'll also save wear and tear on your brakes. and if you have an iphone, there's an app for that.


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