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March 10, 2010


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It isn't the bathroom, but for cleaning dishes try a tawashi brush. They are natural scrubbers made from palm fibers bound to a metal wire. They get into odd shapes, are biodegradable and you can use them for scrubbing carrots and potatoes without damaging the skins too.

Come to think of it they would probably work well for scrubbing shower and sink fixtures and maybe even sinks and tubs.


well this has nothing to do with cleaning, but it will help you grow some of you favoraite plants.


i suggest the

Five-Tier Mini Greenhouse

if you get permission from the guard at the parking garage across from your apartment, then this might be the best for you.

if you only have your patio, then might i suggest the

Jump Start Light System

more expensive , but you get the light you need.

you might need to judge for your self.


I use baking soda for keeping the sink and shower drains clear. About a handful just before I am using hot water once every two weeks seems to work.

I tried to make a glass cleaner with vinegar and water and a little detergent, but it streaked too much .

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    you can save some gas by being very gentle on the brake and accelerator. drive like there is a glass of water on the dashboard. you'll also save wear and tear on your brakes. and if you have an iphone, there's an app for that.


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